NGX1600EH - PCIe, 16 digital channels (assembly NGX800EN and one MX80A)

16 Channel Digital (PCIe): Audio Codes Digital Recording Card (note: Requires punch block (66 type) and telco cable (50 pin) for connecting phone or extension lines to recording card)

Audio Codes Digital Recording Board

The SmartWORKS NGX is an all-in-one resource for logging behind a PBX. Every key pressed, call taken, and telephone action performed by an agent is automatically decoded and sent to the recording application. A powerful set of features, combined with PBX integration, makes the NGX a true single slot solution for call logging application providers.

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Tap Environment
The NGX is designed for tapping behind a proprietary PBX. Residing between the PBX and agent phones, the SmartWORKS NGX’s high impedance receivers record both sides of a call without interrupting service. The NGX is available in 8, 16, and 24 port configurations. The SmartWORKS API supports a total of 512 channels per system. As a result, the SmartWORKS NGX is ideal for low to high-density environments.

Extensive PBX Support
Designed with international deployment in mind, the SmartWORKS NGX taps 2-wire, 4-wire, BRI and full duplex PBX’s. The list of PBXs the NGX supports is constantly growing. Contact your AudioCodes sales representative for more information.

Built in Performance Monitoring
The SmartWORKS API provides framer alarms and network statistics to pass easily into performance monitoring applications. Event driven framer alarms are generated with a loss of signal condition. Network statistics are available for both sides of the conversation, incoming and outgoing. Statistics such as synchronization errors, line amplitude, noise or clipping are available via a simple API function call.

Common SmartWORKS API features:

  • Media Control - CODECS
  • Tone Detection / Generation
  • CallerID/FSK/DTMF/MF Detection
  • Activity / Silence Detectors
  • Switching (H.100 and MVIP)
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Automatic Volume Control (AVC)
  • Stereo Recording
  • Echo Cancellation
  • Call Progress Monitoring (CPM)
  • Full-duplex Channels
  • Media Streaming
  • Live Monitoring
  • Start/Stop Call Recording Triggers

Audio Codes - Digital:

Model: NGX800 NGX800-EH NGX1600 NGX1600-EH NGX2400 NGX2400-EH
Number of Channels:  8 8 16 16 24 24
Size: Full Size Full Size Full Size Full Size Full Size Full Size
Input Connector: 50-pin amphenol female 50-pin amphenol female 50-pin amphenol female 50-pin amphenol female 50-pin amphenol female 50-pin amphenol female