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Adutante is a cloud based solution that allows you to organize and manage your documents, keep track and follow internal policies and procedures, manage customer relations, support tickets and ensure employees are complying and being properly trained. Built with a module framework, you can add or remove specific features based on your business or industry.

Like you, we struggled to organize and manage information. We are a small business with a global reach and we had too many documents and policies that were not organized or tracked. Information was forgotten and training turned into always asking that "one person" who knew all the answers. Thus, we created Adutante out of a necessity and we continue to develop and enhance it to help us achieve a more fluid and dynamic work environment. We know our solution is not perfect, but this limitation is what drives us to keep developing and being open to feedback and improve our product.

If you ever tried a software solution and said "boy, I wish it would do this", then Adutante is it. We want to hear from you, listen to your feedback and build something that everyone can use and be proud of.

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Business/Document Management

Customer Relations

Records Management

Quality Control


Adutante has multiple modules that can be accessed from a single user interface. Below is a list of the features offered within Infostore, AduCRM, AduForms and AduQC.

Information Management

Track and store your internal documents and policies with Infostore, the business and document management module. Store and save important documents and information for easy retrieval and collaboration.

Policy and Procedure Creation

Create policy and procedures within the business management software using a WYSIWYG editor. Easily create and manage internal policy and procedures without any knowledge of HTML or design experience.

Document and Policy/Procedure Distribution

Automate policy and procedure distribution within your organization. Set publishing rules and alerts to ensure policies are properly accessed and distributed within your organization.

Revisions History and Version Control

Keep track of changes made to internal policy and procedure documents. Have versioning control and ensure the most recent document is the one being viewed and edited. Automatic history of each document allows for easy review of past edits in case of errors or reversals in company policies.

Controlled Access/User Permissions

User based access allows finite control over access within the Adutante modules as well as access to specific documents, stores, policies and procedures and more. Control who can edit, view, or access specific features and functions within the Adutante software.

Employee Certification of Compliance

Ensure employees read and verify that they have understood the policy or procedure provided. Track compliance and verification within Infostore and be notified of any outstanding acknowledgements for each employee.

Central Location and Secure Cloud Solution

Centralize and manage all documents and policy/procedures in one location. Adutante utilizes encryption to ensure your data is kept safe from any outside breaches.

Document Management Redundancy and Security

All data within the cloud based document and policy management software are securely hosted behind a Secure Socket Layer Encryption. Data is archived and placed on a network drive for immediate restore in case of main driver failure.

Internal Tests for Employee Evaluation and Software Validation

With the Quality Control Module you can create tests to be administered and scored. Create quarterly or yearly employee evaluations and maintain an ongoing record of performance. For software development companies, test and verify software requirements with SSU testing platform within Infostore.

Internal Comments of Policies and Procedures

Our business and document management software allows for each policy, procedure, and document to have its own designated comments section. Discuss a particular policy and keep track of any opinions and suggestions. The comments section can be in discussion or article format and is set by the manager on the document level.

Powerful Search Capabilities

Find documents and policy or procedures with the built in search function. Search by content, document titles, or user defined meta-data to find specific documents within your system.

Reports and Tracking

Run reports on employees who still have pending approvals on specific policies and procedures. See what recent documents have changed and who has access to a particular document or policy.

Customer Relationship Management Solution (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management module allows companies to organize and record detailed interactions with prospects, customers or vendors. Schedule pending (to-dos), forecast sales, view communication history, track order history and link support cases. Empower your sales and customer relationship managers with AduCRM.

Customer Support Ticket System

Track support contracts and support tickets. Manage current customers and have a complete history of any support cases or issues. Monitor ongoing support cases and run detailed reports to print or export for management.

Create Custom Forms

Create custom forms that fit your business. Track orders and processes with a custom checklist form or detailed user input forms. The robust form creation tool allows you to centralize and digitize internal documents with ease.

Records and Item Management

Bring all your paper records into a digitized format that is organized and stored. Allowing you to easily find a specific document or form within your business. Keep track of current inventory if you manage or sell a product. See history of a particular product to manage and predict peaks and lows for your business and properly manage your stocked items.

About Versadial
Developers of Adutante

Versadial Solutions is a software development company focused on small to medium sized businesses that struggle with distribution of policies and procedures, records management and customer relations. Our passion comes from overcoming our own internal struggles with proper data and document management solutions. Adutante is a platform that houses multiple modules to help facilitate and promote internal knowledge and efficiency.

The Infostore module is a complete business and document management solution for handling internal policies, procedures and files. Our AduCRM module assists your business in handling customer relations management and support tickets. AduForms module allows businesses to create order processing, custom internal forms and product tracking. The AduQC module allows businesses to conduct quality control tests and evaluations to assist with monitoring employee progress over time.

Versadials first major commerical release goes back to 1998 when we launched VSLogger, our call recording solution. We recently launched AdutanteH5 Call Recording which takes advantage of the same modular framework that Adutante is built on. For more details on our call recording solution please visit us at Versadial.com.

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Our Story

Growing up, things seemed so simple. Cell phones and computers were something of sci-fi and information was garnered from the wisdom of another human being. Gone are the days of Mad Men where we could sit back in our office and have a drink, the amount of information pouring across our desk now seems insurmountable. We at Versadial have been there, feel your pain and know how troubling it can be to have a stack of information sitting in front of you with no end in sight.

The office phone rings, your inbox blinks, your cell phone vibrates from a text; on the other end of the line are co-workers requesting a checklist, a report made or a question on how to do something.

Remember in your local Staples® store they had that big red EASY button. We want to make that, we want to create that EASY button at our finger-tips waiting to be pushed.

So, we set off on a journey, a journey to make a centralized location of all our information and records. A place that keeps a record of that checklist, provides reports and answers the “how to” with ease. We developed Adutante from the ground up, working and tweaking it to make a system that we could use internally and successfully manage our day to day activities and progress. We are pretty gosh darn proud of what we made, and we know, it isn’t one big red button, but that is something we constantly try to strive for at Versadial. So come along for the journey and lets build something amazing.

Access From Multiple Devices


We Are Currently Still In Development and Collecting An Interest List - Pricing Is Subject To Change When We Have A Commercial Release

Our pricing model is fairly straight forward and there are never any hidden costs. You simply pay for the number of users and amount of space required per month. Infostore, AduCRM, AduForms and AduQC come standard with each professional license and can be added or removed to fit your business style. For larger sites or special requests we offer our Enterprise option. Please call or email us to discuss this option.

For details on our Cloud Call Recording add-on please visit us here.


$15* per user
  • 4-25 User Access
  • Infostore Access Only
  • 100 GB Of Space
  • Can Upgrade Anytime
  • Cloud Call Recording (Optional Add-on)
  • Email Support Only
  • Simple Quarterly Contract
  • Reserve Spot


CALL for quote
  • Unlimited Users
  • Infostore / AduCRM / AduFORMS / AduQC Included
  • Dedicated Space
  • Cloud Call Recording (Optional Add-on)
  • Email and Phone Support
  • Simple Quarterly Contract
  • Reserve Spot
* Pricing per user is based on a monthly cost.
Billing is done on a quarterly basis. If contract is terminated before end of accounting period, unused funds will not be reimbursed.

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